Tips On How To Use Social Media More Powerfully

Tips On How To Use Social Media More Powerfully

Whether you’re a brand manager brainstorming for ways to automate your social media strategy, an online worker who wants to keep their online presence felt, or if you just want to keep your social media profiles updated but you only have a few hours, even just minutes to spare in a week, to give to this pursuit, social media management apps might help you […]

How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Networks?

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Marketing Charts featured research that Ipsos OTX released on the amount of time we spend on social networks. According to the article, the survey showed the reported daily social network use by American social network users within 18 and 64 years old to be at an average of 3.2 hours. 3.2 hours is a huge chunk of one day. Remember that we are awake […]

FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

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This modern society that is so heavily dependent on the Internet has developed in us a very unusual sense of urgency to stay connected with friends and to be constantly updated on what is going on in their lives. Unless you are one of the few who manage to keep to themselves, you probably check various social networks for updates throughout the day. Not […]