Tips On How To Use Social Media More Powerfully

Tips On How To Use Social Media More Powerfully

Whether you’re a brand manager brainstorming for ways to automate your social media strategy, an online worker who wants to keep their online presence felt, or if you just want to keep your social media profiles updated but you only have a few hours, even just minutes to spare in a week, to give to this pursuit, social media management apps might help you […]

5 Ways to Dress Professionally on a Budget

Fashion designer leaning on clothes and smiling to the camera

If you’re interested in advancing your career or simply in being respected by your colleagues, it might be important that you dress professionally sometimes, if not at all times. Unfortunately, business attire can be quite costly. If you just recently landed your first gig or you’re trying to cut back on your personal expenses, there are a number of ways that you can dress […]

3 Common Work at Home Struggles and Their Easy Fixes

Working in bed

Working from home has its advantages. Take working in yoga pants and being able to stay home with your kids, for example. However, as with any career, those that choose to work from home also experience downfalls that are specific to telecommuting workers. Below, we’ll discuss three common work at home downfalls and the simple ways to fix them. Working at Home is Lonely […]

When to Leave Things to the Professionals

It is fun to make and break things, to hack personal projects, and to handle repairs ourselves and right away, all the while also saving a little money here and there. There are also times, though, when we just need to step back, give in and give up, and leave things to the professionals. Being a builder and tinkerer by nature, I have been […]

Invoices with Freshbooks

If you frequently send invoices to your clients, doing this by hand or filling out a template each time is not an option, especially if you bill by the hour and like to give your clients a time sheet for what they are charged. I have been using the cloud-based billing solution Freshbooks to handle my time sheet, expenses, invoices, and payments for some […]