How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Networks?

Using smartphone

Marketing Charts featured research that Ipsos OTX released on the amount of time we spend on social networks. According to the article, the survey showed the reported daily social network use by American social network users within 18 and 64 years old to be at an average of 3.2 hours. 3.2 hours is a huge chunk of one day. Remember that we are awake […]

FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

Checking phone while driving

This modern society that is so heavily dependent on the Internet has developed in us a very unusual sense of urgency to stay connected with friends and to be constantly updated on what is going on in their lives. Unless you are one of the few who manage to keep to themselves, you probably check various social networks for updates throughout the day. Not […]

Use TTS Software When Reading Online

If you keep up-to-date on discussions on the bills that Senate hasn’t passed, or if you regularly read about groundbreaking developments in your field of expertise, you probably spend hours each day with your eyes fixed on the screen consuming all the information that you can get on the Internet. While doing these can be a relaxing hobby or pastime, it can also be […]

Awesome Gigs® on

Do you need a one-minute voice over for your cartoon animation? A well-written press release for your business? Or maybe something as random as a video of a guy dressed like Borat to sing your roomie a happy tune on her birthday? Fiverr® ( is an online service marketplace that was launched a couple of years ago. The website has grown a lot since […]

What To Do With An Overheating Laptop

Overheating laptop

If your laptop is more than two years old, chances are that the keyboard surface often gets unbearably hot that you’ve already caught yourself sliding your hands away just to cool them down before they go a-tapping again. Setting your computer on your lap is also no longer an option. This does not necessarily mean that it’s time to drain your wallet and get […]