9 Signs That a Guy is Leading You On (from the perspective of a guy)

9 Signs That a Guy is Leading You On

When things in a relationship become sour, oftentimes it happens almost unexpectedly. Everything seems like it is going according to plan but, before you know it, the relationship begins to go downhill and ultimately falls apart. Luckily, there are a few things that guys do which can serve as an indication for girls if and when they aren’t into the woman they are seeing. […]

Bring New Life to Old Clothes with These DIY Ideas

Pile Of Clothes

In today’s economy, it’s important to pinch your pennies and get as much use out of your items as possible. Where clothing is concerned, this is especially true, as items go in and out of fashion with the turn of the seasons. Creatively reusing and recycling the ostracized pieces in your closet can provide you with new styles and new uses for old items […]

Is Your Hobby Destroying You?

People get into hobbies for different reasons. If you live with the extended family, you might take the excuse of going fishing for some quiet time alone. Someone strapped for cash might go for the occasional online poker. A boring desk job could send you off to watch the football games, and a technical job might give you the craving to do creative writing […]