Take Antibiotics Responsibly

Bottle of spilling medicine

There are people who reach for antibiotics at the first sign of an illness, while there are others who will avoid it at all costs. Some will frown upon the practice of antibiotic intake during illnesses, while there are others who approve of it. The difference lies in how well people know the actions of antibiotics. As a brief history, antibiotics were ushered into […]

Why Chicken Eggs Are Making a Comeback

Close-up Of Brown Eggs

After gaining bad reputation in the past recent years, chicken eggs are starting to make a comeback in the diet of our more health conscious population. There are good reasons for this. Cholesterol found in chicken eggs is less than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for adults. The maximum RDA for cholesterol for adults is 300 mg per day. Eggs contain only 200-220 mg1. […]

5 Ways To Maximize The Benefits Of Sleep

Man comfortably sleeping in his bed

What indispensable necessity for a high-quality of life do you easily deprive yourself of? If you answered sleep, you got it right. Getting enough quality sleep allows you to be more energetic, creative, alert, composed and sensible in an entire day. It is during your slumber that repair and maintenance occur within your body, bracing you for the daily tasks that await your attention. […]

A Primer: Different Types of Vegetarians

Bowl of Minestrone Soup with Pasta, Beans and Vegetables

The word vegetarian gets thrown around a lot lately that it feels like it has already become part of popular culture. However, there are so many so many types of the vegetarianism and so many reasons why people practice it that the mention of the word is no longer very meaningful. A: I’m a vegetarian. B: What type of vegetarian? A: I eat vegetables […]