Pets Can Be Life-Changing! Here’s How To Keep The Experience Positive And Happy

Spending time with dog

Whether single or with children, pets are a great addition to life. They add a dose of cute, a lot of funnies, and for those with pets who misbehave, they may also add a dash of spice to life. Acquiring a pet is not to be taken lightly. It is, after all, a responsibility more than a mere acquisition. If you just want hugs, […]

Getting Centered: Detox from Tech and Regain Balance in Friendships

Getting Centered: Detox from Tech and Regain Balance in Friendships

Try as we might, there will always come a time when we feel so off-kilter, so off-balance, that we aren’t as productive at our jobs as we should be. In fact, some who go through duress fall into clinical depression, where even pleasurable activities, even eating, no longer hold meaning, or give the same pleasure as they used to. This is when you have […]

Want To Learn How To Cook? Here Are Our Tips

Cooking with children

Whether you’re an ~ehem~ corporate slave or a work from home ~ehem~ slave, you still need to eat. And you should learn how to cook, even if it’s just an egg. So here are our tips on how to get over your fear of burning the sunny-side-up egg, and learn how to be a gourmet chef, even if it’s only your opinion. Tips On […]

Tips On How To Use Social Media More Powerfully

Tips On How To Use Social Media More Powerfully

Whether you’re a brand manager brainstorming for ways to automate your social media strategy, an online worker who wants to keep their online presence felt, or if you just want to keep your social media profiles updated but you only have a few hours, even just minutes to spare in a week, to give to this pursuit, social media management apps might help you […]

Grieving And Healing Fabulously

Death of someone close

Everyone goes through a form of death, on a regular basis. Be it a loss of something important, a breakup, or even a death of someone close to our hearts, death is a part of life. Loss is a part of life. It’s something traumatic that we have to deal with. And yes, the occurrence is regular. Most people dread loss, but what we […]

A More Empirical List Of Things To Regularly Clean

Cleaning your home

Last time we gave you the Top 3 Things we thought you should clean. And we promised that we’ll give you a more “scientific” list this time around: We promised to give you must-clean lists from experts around the web. So here are five articles we found, with the highlights of each article for you to know the gist. Good Housekeeping points out “10 […]

Take Antibiotics Responsibly

Bottle of spilling medicine

There are people who reach for antibiotics at the first sign of an illness, while there are others who will avoid it at all costs. Some will frown upon the practice of antibiotic intake during illnesses, while there are others who approve of it. The difference lies in how well people know the actions of antibiotics. As a brief history, antibiotics were ushered into […]

Things To Be Wary About When Getting A Cat

Playing Cat

They say that “no man is an island.” Indeed, humans can hardly stand being completely alone. This is probably why spinsters adopt children, and billionaires like “Queen of Mean” Leona Helmsley, bequeath their vast wealth to their pets. If you didn’t quite catch the news back in 2007, Ms. Helmsley, a businesswoman responsible for expanding her husband Harry Helmsley’s hotel fortune, left $12 Million […]