9 Signs That a Guy is Leading You On

When things in a relationship become sour, oftentimes it happens almost unexpectedly. Everything seems like it is going according to plan but, before you know it, the relationship begins to go downhill and ultimately falls apart.

Luckily, there are a few things that guys do which can serve as an indication for girls if and when they aren’t into the woman they are seeing.

Signs That a Guy Is Leading You On

Here are the most common signs that show a guy’s true intentions.

  1. He avoids you.

    Guys who are very much interested in you will look forward to being with you no matter what. If and when they are really into you, they will go out of their way to spend time with you, even if it means that they will have to go through a lot of trouble to get things done.

    If a guy isn’t really interested in being with you, he will avoid you at all costs, no matter what.

  2. He keeps you out of his social media accounts.

    Someone’s behavior on social media is a great way to learn about somebody’s true nature in real life.

    If they refuse to add you on social media for one reason or another, it is certainly a great indicator that they aren’t really serious with you regarding having a relationship.

  3. He doesn’t compliment you.

    Compliments might look like they are small and insignificant, but they are in fact one of the most important of all aspects in a relationship.

    If and when someone isn’t really into their significant other, they will not bother going into the trouble of trying to pass compliments, even if it’s extremely easy to do so.

  4. He rarely replies to you.

    The foundation of any relationship is communication. If and when there is no communication in a relationship, it is an excellent indication that something is going wrong.

    If and when a guy isn’t really into the girl that he is seeing, one of the most common and noticeable aspects of his behavior will be in the way he manages his daily interaction with the girl. A guy who isn’t into the girl will take his own sweet time to reply to emails, messages, and missed phone calls.

  5. He doesn’t tell you about himself.

    A guy who is into a girl will be more than happy to share details about his life. It will certainly take a bit of time for him to open up but it is something that is sure to happen, over an extended period of time.

    The fact that a guy doesn’t tell you anything is simply an indication that he doesn’t feel open enough with you to divulge any details about himself.

  6. He isn’t willing to help you out with your problems.

    Even if the guy is busy in life, he will be eager to help out a girl whom they are attracted to and interested in.

    If and when they aren’t that into a girl, it can be observed in the lack of enthusiasm they show when you call them to help you out with something.

  7. He criticizes you too often.

    Criticism is a form of masked aggression and discontent, where a guy will use it as a way to express his disapproval of the girl that he is currently with.

    This criticism in extreme cases can lead to an abusive relationship in the long run.

  8. He is busy with other people.

    There are a lot of guys who can be considered “players”, who go around dating girls just for the fun of it.

    If a guy seems like he is constantly busy with other female “friends”, there is a chance that the person you are dealing with is a player and not someone who is interested in building a meaningful relationship.

  9. He isn’t very conversational with you.

    As mentioned earlier, a guy who is interested in you will be more than happy to talk with you for a very long time.

    It is the exact opposite if the person you are with simply can’t stand you. The guy will look for every possible reason to get away from you as soon as possible.

As a whole, there are certainly plenty of telltale signs that act as an indication if a guy isn’t really into you. Some of them are far more apparent and out in the open than others. Regardless, it would be up to every girl to look out for these signs, to ensure that they aren’t being led on by someone who is just into it for the fun or something else.

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