We live in a very materialistic society. People are today more addicted to buying things and having physical possessions than ever before. If you see something that you want, you go ahead and buy it. Need something now that you’ll be able to use just once? You buy it anyway but look for a brand that is somewhat disposable.

While this addiction to materialism has been underway for quite a while, there has been one side effect of this which has not gotten enough attention.

Clutter in Your Home

4 Rules to Reduce Clutter

Clutter is a side effect of our materialistic way of life. The vast amounts of stuff that lie all around the house or any other place are a reflection of the fact that we are buying stuff without really asking if we need it in our lives. As a result, the environment around us is littered with clutter.

Apart from this, there is a major lack of organization as well as planning. This creates a situation which is downright conducive to the creation of cluttered spaces everywhere.

It is important to note that this might not be apparent in the beginning. For the most part, the place might look neat and tidy at face value. But a time comes sooner or later when things begin to accumulate everywhere, creating the cluttered nightmare which people desperately try to deal with.

How to Reduce Clutter

When it comes to dealing with clutter, it’s not really that hard to manage it if one knows where to begin. While there are numerous ways in which cluttering can be dealt with, here are some of the most important.

  1. Stop Buying Unnecessary Things

    Stop the problem at the source. Stop buying things that are unnecessary. Unnecessary purchases are the main cause of a cluttered environment. It is simply impossible to have clutter at home or anywhere else if unnecessary purchases are avoided altogether.

    By ending the pointless purchases that people make in their everyday life, a great deal of clutter can be eliminated. The fact is that most people don’t really think much before buying anything – they buy something based on their “feeling” of whether something is necessary or not.

    The truth is that much of the purchases can simply be ended in a heartbeat, if people start to actually think about what they need. It is just not possible to keep buying forever and not have issues of clutter.

  2. Organize Everything

    When everything is organized, there is a lot less possibility that there will be issues of clutter.
    Next to buying unnecessary things, lack of organization is one of the main reasons that there is an issue with clutter in people’s lives.

    When everything is organized, all items regardless of their size or anything else will be placed in their appropriate places.

    This will also have another added advantage: When everything in one’s surrounding environment is properly planned out and managed, things will be a lot easier to find. This is the exact opposite of dealing with clutter, where nothing is available when it is most needed.

  3. Avoid Procrastination

    Apart from organization, there is another thing that needs attention: Procrastination. In simple terms, procrastination is delaying doing something for one reason or another. This delaying of activities can pile up to become a real headache. It is important to note that procrastination as a whole causes not only issues of clutter but also destroys every other aspect of one’s life.

    What it means in real life is to simply remove and store all items as soon as they are used. This will ensure that nothing is lying about, waiting to be placed in their original places.

  4. Downsize Everything

    Get rid of everything that isn’t needed. There is simply too much stuff lying around our environment that we never use. This adds to the clutter and ultimately begins to ruin our lives by overwhelming our minds.

    The process of downsizing everything isn’t that hard. If one spends enough time to research on the concept of “minimalism”, it will be a lot easier to deal with clutter than otherwise.

In all, clutter is something that has the potential to seriously interfere in our lives. There are people who are literally drowning in clutter today, simply because they refused to deal with the problem in the past. It is really a sad situation that something that is so easy to deal with has been allowed to take over the lives of people without any sort of attention paid to the problem.

Regardless, if one is willing enough to pay proper attention to the problem, they can expect their lives to be clutter-free in no time.

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