Time management is one of the most important skills that one can have in their life. Since time happens to be one of the most limited of all resources at one’s disposal, it is necessary that it be used in the right manner.

Manage Your Time Using Proven Project Management Techniques

Unfortunately, most people end up wasting a great deal of time, simply because they didn’t know how to handle the time that they had at their disposal. The end result is that such people end up wasting their whole lives away, only to wake up in their old age wondering how their time disappeared.

While it might sound like a scary proposition, such a doom and gloom proposition about the future need not be something to worry about. If one is willing to put the effort that is necessary to get things in order, they will be able to not only increase their levels of productivity dramatically, but also possibly find that they were able to overcompensate for the time that was lost in the past.

One of the best ways that one can manage time is by inculcating the use of proven project management techniques in their everyday schedules. It might sound rather tricky and hard to figure out, but the reality is that it is very much simple to understand.

There are numerous project management principles that are in used today. These are used by various business houses to raise their level of productivity and efficiently utilize the time that is available. Despite the fact that these principles are meant for the sake of business and trade, they are very much applicable in the context of properly managing one’s everyday life.

Here are some of the most common project management principles used in business, which can greatly enhance one’s everyday life and help to efficiently utilize time.

Techniques for Better Time Management

Plan Everything In Advance

There is no bigger hindrance to proper time management than a lack of planning.

Everything that needs to be done requires proper scheduling, which means that there is a necessity to plan everything out. Unless this planning is done right, there will be a major lack of efficient time management in one’s life.

As a whole, it is advisable for one to plan out their days in advance, so that there is no question as to how one’s waking hours have to be allocated.

Prioritize Tasks Properly

All tasks that need to be done aren’t equal in terms of priority.

Some are more urgent and important than others. In the same way, all tasks don’t take the same amount of time.
These things need to be taken into account before planning the order of tasks that are at hand.

Proper Direction

For anything to be done, there needs to be a proper sense of direction. Unless there is direction in one’s life, there will be a major wastage of time simply because one will not know how to allocate time to the various tasks.

By knowing exactly what needs to be done, one will have a lot more clarity as to where there is a requirement for an increased level of focus and proper effort.

Avoid Interruptions

Interruptions are a major cause of time wastage. The interruptions, regardless of their source, will end up causing one to waste away an immense amount of time which could have otherwise been put to use for much better purposes.

Delegate or Share the Work

When there is a great deal of work to be done, it is going to be quite difficult to handle all the tasks alone. This is due to the fact that one has only 24 hours each day.

In some circumstances, the best solution to handling the workload would be to share the work with others or delegate the entire task for someone else to handle.

Create Deadlines

Without proper deadlines, one will end up spending an eternity on getting something done. Only when there is a deadline will one get a sense of urgency to get things done.

Stop Complaining

There is way too much complaining that goes about in people’s lives.

More people than ever before complain about their inability to handle their daily affairs. Such a behavior is nothing but a cop out and avoidance of actual work, which might require some amount of discomfort to go through.

Unless one can give up on the habit of complaining about everything in their life that isn’t right, there is simply no way that they will be able to fix their lives, no matter what.


The need for relaxation can’t be emphasized enough.

Too many people refuse to relax and de-stress themselves. As a result of this, they end up having a whole lot of issues like high blood pressure, hypertension, etc which eats into their health. This in general will end up causing a great deal of loss to the amount of time that is available at hand to the individual.

While there are certainly plenty more techniques that can help one to more efficiently manage the time that they have, these are but the most common and downright effective ways of getting things done on time.

Applied properly, one will see a rapid spike in the efficiency of time utilization in their lives.

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