One of the easiest ways to meet a potential mate is to sign up for an online dating site. Unfortunately, with so many people on each site, you can get lost in the crowd. What’s worse is if you get noticed for doing the wrong things. There are three common mistakes online daters should avoid. Don’t be guilty of making these fixable foibles.

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  1. Lying on your profile.

    And, yes, this includes embellishing, stretching the truth, and rounding numbers of any kind. Being truthful can save you a lot of wasted time. The truth will eventually come out when you meet up. You want someone to want you and not who you wish you were. There is someone out there looking just for you, but you may just miss that connection because you did not present yourself honestly.

  2. Communicating with too many people at a time.

    It can be very exciting to receive 30 new messages in an hour! However, how effectively can you communicate with 30 people at a time? You can’t do it, and neither can anyone else. Stop yourself, or better yet, stop your ego from trying to entertain every person who “smiles,” “flirts,” or makes contacts with you. It is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that you have received a message, but take the time to read through their profiles. Upon determining which ones are keepers and which are duds, craft an appropriate response. Reply with a favorable, explorative message or a gentle “thanks, but no thanks” note.

  3. Joining too many sites simultaneously.

    Along the same vein as communicating with too many people at a time, you cannot effectively seek out a mate by casting such a broad net. Depending upon the size of your town, you probably will see the same people anyway. You should not join more than three sites at a time. There are some sites that automatically sign you up for other affiliates with limited privileges. Don’t pay to look at the same people you can see on the main site you joined initially.

    Be wise and join a nationally recognized site, a niche site, and a novel site. Nationally recognized sites are the industry standard such as Match, eHarmony, Zoosk, and OKCupid. A niche site caters to a specific religious preference, cultural affiliation, age, or fetish. Niche sites include JDate and Christian Mingle which are both affiliates of Spark Networks as well as Black People Meet and Delightful which are powered by Match. Novel sites have a hook to them that goes beyond the traditional online dating process. For example, Coffee Meets Bagel combs your Facebook friend’s friend list with permission, of course. The goal for scanning their lists is to find dating options for you which are delivered as a “bagel” to your email daily.

    There are also other apps for your phone, Facebook, and social media sites to aid in your dating search.

Don’t lie. Tell the truth. Don’t try to talk to all the fish. Find a few fish that interest you to strike up conversation with. Don’t join every site on the web. Choose three sites: well-known, niche, and novel. Keeping these tips in mind will save you time and money. Your end goal is to find a good relationship, not get stuck in the online dating abyss.

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