Cleaning your home

Last time we gave you the Top 3 Things we thought you should clean. And we promised that we’ll give you a more “scientific” list this time around: We promised to give you must-clean lists from experts around the web. So here are five articles we found, with the highlights of each article for you to know the gist.

Cleaning your home

Good Housekeeping points out “10 Things You’re Not Cleaning (But Should Be)“:

  • We pointed out kitchen sponges last time, and Good Housekeeping put THAT on the top of their list.
  • Reusable grocery bags: We never really thought of that, but now that they mention it, yes we should toss the grocery bags into the wash every week or every two weeks.
  • On top of things: Gone are the days of extra-meticulous moms and housewives, who swipe tops of things with their fingers and scrunch up their noses in disapproval. Since you most likely don’t have an extra-meticulous mom, or you aren’t an extra-meticulous mom, give yourself a reminder to wipe on top of things weekly or twice-weekly.

Buzzfeed gives us a massive list of “32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren’t“:

  • The toothbrushes and the toothbrush holder! Most of the time we take that for granted, that’s for sure. But giving your toothbrush a boiling-water or vinegar soak weekly would be a great new habit to adopt.
  • Shower curtain and shower mat: If you use these things in your bathroom, regularly soak these in detergent and brush them through, especially if they’re made of plastic. Plastic might rip apart in a washing machine.
  • Credit card and ATM cards’ magnetic strips: Who knew you could clean them with an eraser, eh?

Today Home notes “10 Things In Your Home You Don’t Clean As Often As You Should“:

  • The dryer’s lint trap is one place you should be cleaning. It’s funny, the things you could find there. We bet, you’ll probably even find insect bits, grass, and even bamboo stalks!
  • Door knobs: You should wipe down your door knobs with antiseptic (alcohol, vinegar, bleach) every other day, or even daily.
  • Gadgets: Yes, the computer keyboard, the phones, as well as the remote controls. Wipe them down and brush in between nooks and crannies to get them cleaned up.

GizMag gives a list of “Tech Maintenance Tasks Everyone Forgets About, But Really Shouldn’t“:

  • Backup data regularly: Do you have a cloud account, such as a subscription to Google Drive’s 1TB plan? Better on the cloud than on something physical, such as an external drive. If you must have a hard copy, consider burning to CD Drives or use an SSD Drive instead. Less risk for permanent data loss when the hard drive’s platter or other parts break down.
  • Uninstall old programs you don’t use: Sometimes you try programs that seem like a good idea at the time, but then, you forget about using that, in the long run. Check your system for apps you can uninstall, regularly. Twice a month or monthly is a good measure.
  • Clean up the hardware: Desktop users would do well to regularly dust the insides of their rigs, especially since desktop hardware are notorious for gathering dust. For laptop users, better take your equipment to a licensed professional, especially if you aren’t an experienced modder.

Lastly, this isn’t a cleaning guide, but a caution against PC cleaning software. How-To Geek says, “PC Cleaning Apps Are A Scam: Here’s Why (And How To Speed Up Your PC)“:

  • This article gives great tips on how to manually clean your PC, system/software-wise, without downloading, using, and even paying for a “PC Cleaner” app that may even be spyware.
  • Check out the useful tips that may help you discover functions that you never knew existed on your PC.

We hope that these tips will help you keep your house and your gadgets clean. Plot these on your calendar, set up reminders, and you’ll be running a tight, clean ship, we mean, home, in no time!

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