Waiting for phone call

Sometimes people blow off things that happen in a relationship as normal when they really aren’t. It is easy to get used to someone’s odd behavior and label it as okay. When something happens over and over again, it is bound to become normal for you.

Waiting for phone call

Here are 4 signs that your relationship is actually in trouble:

  1. He won’t make vacation plans.

    If you’ve been on vacation together before and have tossed around the idea of going somewhere new, but he won’t commit to any plans, he might be planning to end things. People don’t often want to go away with someone they are enjoying their time with. If he is refusing to use his vacation days to go away with you, you might have a problem. It’s important to find out why he won’t make vacation plans with you.

  2. He only comes by for a booty call.

    If your boyfriend is only coming over late at night to be intimate with you and leaving right after, you definitely have a problem. If he will not meet you for lunch, dinner, or even a quick cup of coffee, he might just be using you for sex. The next time he comes over and expects to be intimate, have a conversation about what’s going on in your relationship.

  3. He ignores your calls and texts.

    You’re not a needy woman, but you certainly don’t expect to have to call your boyfriend ten times before he decides to answer. He could be blowing you off if he’s never calling or answering your calls. The best thing to do in this situation is to stop calling and texting him. Just don’t do it anymore. He will either miss you or he won’t. If he does miss you, he will call you. Don’t make excuses for him about his rude behavior. We are all busy with life, but when you love someone, you make the time.

  4. He is mean to you.

    A sure sign that your relationship is in trouble is that your boyfriend is outright mean to you. He’ll fight with you about anything and everything. He might even have started calling you names. This is often confusing because he seems to hate you, but stays with you. This is a very troubled relationship. You should not stay in a relationship where you are being torn down constantly. Don’t feel grateful that he’s with you to begin with. Be grateful when he treats you like the goddess that you are.

Just because something occurs in your relationship doesn’t mean that you need to put up with it. If you’re unhappy with something, speak up and make changes. While you can’t change someone else, you can change the way you deal with him.

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