False hope

Being admired by someone is flattering, but it’s not a good idea to keep them close just to boost your own ego. While you might just enjoy her company or being liked, a woman might think you are keeping her around because you share the same feelings.

False hope

Here are 4 things you might be doing to give her false hope for a relationship with you.

  1. You take her calls.

    Maybe you don’t want to be mean and ignore her phone calls, but if you know she is interested in you as more than a friend and you don’t feel the same way, you are sending the wrong signal. When you answer all of her calls or texts, you are giving her the impression that you want to talk to her.

  2. You are intimate with her.

    Being intimate is very different for men and for women. While you can do it without gaining an emotional attachment, it’s usually not the same for women. Even if you state beforehand that you are just in it for sex, don’t expect those words to stick. For a lot of women, being intimate isn’t only about sex, even if they insist it is. Sure, there may be some women who can do it without getting attached, but if you know a woman has feelings for you, being intimate with her is leading her on.

  3. You ask her to hang out.

    She might not be your first choice, but when you have nothing else to do you ask her to hang out. It doesn’t matter how bored or lonely you are, if you do this you are making her think that you’re interested in her. Don’t use her when you need company. Find something else to do or someone else to hang out with.

  4. You talk to her about your problems.

    This might seem quite innocent, but when you confide in her about your problems and allow her to help you, she will end up feeling much closer to you. She will think that she’s the one special person that you can talk to about what’s going on in your life. Talking to someone about your problems shows a level of trust that you might not have with everyone.

Sometimes leading someone on is completely unintentional. You might not realize that just being nice and hanging out would mean a lot to someone, but it does when a girl has feelings for you. Even the little things mean a lot.

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