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Children grow up with a good sense of who they are and what they should grow up to become when they feel that their parents want them and love them unconditionally. One way to express love for a child is to celebrate key milestones in his life.

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For parents of all ages, here are four significant yet often neglected events in your children’s lives that should be considered special:

  1. Conception – Some people consider a fertilized egg as just a speck of non-living blood. However, a zygote is the start of a living person with a distinct identity.

    Thus, upon learning about a pregnancy, the parents should remember to feel overjoyed over the start of a new life and not simply terrified of additional burden. Facing the pregnancy with a grateful and cheerful attitude would send the baby the message that he is accepted and anticipated.

  2. Birth – It is easy to think of a baby’s birth as a joyous and rarely overlooked moment for the parents. However, exhaustion, bills to pay, documents to process, and other discomfort that a child’s delivery brings can make both parents cheerless and dismal.

    Oftentimes, parents of the newborn are relieved or quite anxious after the birth. They should also feel thrilled, though, and take time to savor the arrival of their newborn on the day of their child’s birth.

  3. Puberty – Young children are released into adulthood as soon as they are sexually mature. This moment is easier to identify in girls because they go through menarche. For boys, this can be done as soon as they reach their teenage years.

    Ancient cultures used to carry out puberty rites to signal the transition of a child into adulthood. Native Americans, particularly some Apache tribes, hold a Sunrise Ceremony for girls who menstruated for the first time in the previous year.

    The Sioux used to initiate boys into manhood through a vision quest. This custom included a sweat bath, isolation, and fasting inside a pit for four days. Jewish children are welcomed into adult society through Bar Mitzvah for boys and Bat Mitzvah for girls, as soon as they reach thirteen years old.

    In other cultures, parents may also usher their children into adulthood. A special affair should be held to mark the start of a child’s adult life. During this occasion, the parents and other grown-ups should also pledge their support to the young adult as he takes on his new role in the society.

  4. Marriage – Arranged marriages are now unimaginable for a lot of people. The freedom to marry without consulting the parents increases the possibility of parental disapproval of their child’s spouse.

    Parents have the duty to show their adult children the pros and cons of their decisions. However, they should show love to their child by trusting his final choice of a partner in life. They should openly and sincerely give their approval to their child’s marriage and back him up if something goes wrong with his decision.

Now that we’ve identified these four events in a child’s life that parents often miss commemorating, here are three ways to celebrate these important occasions:

  1. Enjoy a special meal. A simple dinner celebration may be enjoyed by the couple as soon as the woman’s pregnancy is discovered. On the child’s birth, they may opt to invite close friends to celebrate with them.

    Since releasing children into adulthood is no longer a common practice, the parents have to decide on what tradition they would like to start in their family regarding this matter. Finally, to show support for a couple, the parents from both sides should honor the engagement party and the wedding with their presence and best behavior.

  2. Declare words of affirmation to your child. In all four occasions, parents and other well-wishers should speak approval and noble aspirations for the child. They should also express their readiness to be there for the child whenever he needs help.
  3. Document the celebration. Among the four events listed, only the natal day and the marriage are frequently documented. However, most people would love to see pictures of their parents’ joy upon receiving news of their conception. It is also good to look back on the day when family and friends recognized and celebrated one’s capacity to take on adult decisions and responsibilities.

Certain circumstances can make the tips listed a challenge to observe. There are also those who have already missed celebrating these events in their children’s lives.

Take heart! It is never too late for parents to start making their kids feel loved, wanted and delighted in. Simply acknowledge your need to start doing this and take steps to make your child feel special. Then you will see that in good parenting, it is still better late than never.


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