Here are more ideas for a cheap date that is sure to fit your budget:

Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Make homemade ice cream. If you’re going to act like a kid, you might as well eat like one as well. What better way to do that than with some good old-fashioned homemade ice cream? With a just few cheap ingredients you can whip up a batch, freeze it, and enjoy it outside for some nice quality time with your loved one.
  2. “Binge watch” your favorite show. Use the day to catch up on a program you and your partner enjoy, or take the opportunity to watch one you’ve been meaning to check out. You can often find cheap used DVD sets at pawn shops and disc exchange stores. If not, you can borrow a DVD set from a friend or rent one from the library. You can also stream online with Amazon Prime, and some Redbox kiosks also offer a few seasons of some popular shows. If all else fails, check the TV listings for your favorite channel. Chances are a marathon of something you like will be airing soon.
  3. Create some artwork. You don’t have to be Monet or Picasso to show your artistic side. Find a sale at any craft store and pick up a canvas along with some cheap paint. You can purchase a brush or two if you have the funds, but if not, some crumpled paper towels will actually create a cool effect for modern art. Use date night to make a masterpiece with your loved one!
  4. Make something at a ceramic or pottery shop. If you’d rather let someone else handle the supplies, you can visit a shop that offers everything you need to create something artistic. At a ceramic or pottery shop you can make and paint something with your partner for only a few dollars.
  5. Visit a local art gallery. If you want to skip creating the art all together, you can check out the work of other artists at your local art gallery. If you go to one that is sponsored by your city, admission is often free. If not, you can always be on the lookout for free outdoor art exhibits that feature up-and-coming local artists.
  6. Have a fast food meal together. Just because you don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t share a meal out with your sweetie. With value menus, you can often purchase enough food to feed you both with the change you scrounge up from between the sofa cushions. And don’t just use the drive-thru! Many fast food chains have updated their dining rooms so much that they could pass for a casual sit-down restaurant.
  7. Have dessert at a high end restaurant. You may not be able to afford a whole meal at that hip new eatery, but chances are you can swing dessert. Sharing one with your loved one can be romantic and a fun way to get the same dining experience without the high cost.
  8. Pet sit for a friend. Watching a cat or a dog for someone you know can be fun, especially if you and your partner don’t have a pet your own. Plus, if they’re paying you for your time, this date night is not only cheap, but can end up being a money maker!
  9. Have a game night. Scrabble, Monopoly, Yatzee, Uno… There are many games that are fun for two people. Video games work, too! If you and your loved one are avid gamers, this can be a great date night.
  10. Go ice-skating. If you have a rink in your area, taking your partner out on the ice can be romantic, especially if hand holding is involved. Admission is normally pretty cheap already, but you can also check online or be on the lookout for buy one get one free nights or half price offers in local coupon booklets.
  11. Play a game of laser tag. Once again, check the Internet or in those local coupon booklets for great specials. This is always a fun option that will give you a little workout as well!
  12. Record the evening through pictures. Grab your camera and visit some interesting sites in your area, like unusual statues or funny signs. Take some quick “selfies” at each spot and post them on social media to document the evening.
  13. Visit a local pool. Admission is usually only a couple of bucks. You can catch some rays or have a nice swim with your loved one. For a few dollars more, you could even spring for season passes, which will supply many daytime dates for you two.
  14. Do a science experiment. This one may seem a little strange, but hey, you have to think outside the box when you’re low on cash! Still, if you and your partner are science buffs or just want to see something interesting, search online for an experiment you can do with minimal supplies. Even the old diet coke and mentos standby could be entertaining!
  15. See a free local concert. Whether you like rock, classical, or something in between, you can usually find a free concert to attend in your area. Check out the schedules for places like local bars or amphitheaters to see who might be performing.

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