Here are more ideas for a cheap date that is sure to fit your budget:

Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Make a short film. If you have a camera (or can borrow one from a friend), making a short movie together can be entertaining. Find an interesting location for your shoot. Then come up with a good storyline or just do something wacky. You can even share it with your friends on social media when you’re done.
  2. Visit a street fair or festival. Many cities close off a street downtown to highlight a specific culture or food. You might find something like a Latino Pride Fair or maybe a strawberry festival. Events like these are often free or offered at a very low cost.
  3. Pack a picnic. A loaf of bread, a little deli meat, and a bag of potato chips are really all you need for an easy and tasty meal. Bring some sandwiches, pick a nice spot, and you’ve got the makings of a fun date.
  4. Go bowling. Many bowling alleys offer discounts, such as “dollar per game” night. Sometimes late night bowlers get a deal as well. Check with your local alley to see what specials are available.
  5. Watch the sunset. Could there be a more romantic date? A beautiful sunset is truly one of life’s simple (and free) pleasures.
  6. Watch the sunrise. Who says dates always have to be in the evening? An early morning date can be a nice change of pace. The sun is just as romantic coming up as it is coming down.
  7. “Explore” your hometown. Even if you’ve lived somewhere your whole life, there’s bound to be something you missed. Go for a drive with your loved one and see what you can find. If nothing else, you can relive old memories.
  8. Visit a nearby town. If you’re tired of your neck of the woods, visit a town or city that’s close by. Even if you don’t get out of the car, there may be some interesting things to see.
  9. Visit a historical home or site. Historic venues are often run by the state and you can see them free of charge. You can have a fun afternoon and learn something at the same time.
  10. Check out a local nature center. You can get in touch with nature and it often costs nothing. See an abundance of flowers and plants, as well as animals in their natural habitat.
  11. Go roller-skating. This is another dating classic. For a few dollars, you can rent a pair of skates, get some exercise, and “kick it old-school”.
  12. Make a gourmet dinner at home. We all know gourmet meals in high end restaurants can cost a fortune. However, recreating fancy dishes at home is much less expensive. Certain pasta dishes, for example, cost only pennies per serving. Cook a nice meal for your sweetie, light some candles, and have a gourmet experience right in your own dining room!
  13. See a unique part of your region. If you live near the mountains, take in their majestic beauty. If the beach is close by, enjoy a day in the sun with your loved one. Whatever you do, appreciate what makes your area special.
  14. Go window shopping. Find a local strip mall and look at the window displays. This can be done any time of day since it doesn’t matter if the stores are open or not. You can even hold hands as you stroll with your sweetie!
  15. Have a water balloon fight. This one may seem a little immature, but who doesn’t love acting like a kid every now and then? Pick up a cheap pack of water balloons, fill them up, and have a silly afternoon with your partner.

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