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Relationships can be complicated, but there are things you yourself might be doing to ruin them. You might not realize that some of your own actions are to blame for a relationship not working.

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Here are 4 things that you might be doing to ruin your chance for a relationship.

  1. You say no to almost all second dates.

    First dates can be tricky. You are both nervous and probably uncomfortable, so it is very difficult to judge each other solely on the first date. Meeting new people isn’t easy. Don’t use the negative moments of a first date to turn down a second first date unless you see qualities in the other person you imagine are always there.

    Rudeness towards a waitress might be a reason to turn down a second date, but quiet and nervous conversation probably isn’t. A second date will be much more comfortable because you already know each other. Don’t be too quick to refuse a second date.

  2. You talk about your ex often.

    It is often awkward and hurtful to hear about your special other talking about an ex, no matter how wonderful or how horrible that person was. Unless your ex is still in your social circle, there will be very few circumstances where you really need to talk about him. Avoid talking about him constantly to your new boyfriend, or you might soon have another ex-boyfriend. Deal with your emotional issues with your ex, and then try to leave those memories in the past.

  3. You pretend to be someone you’re not.

    This is one of the worst things you can do when you meet someone that you want to have a relationship with. You cannot transform yourself to match what he wants or expects a girlfriend to be.

    If you’re not into sports but your boyfriend is, don’t pretend to be into sports. You will eventually get tired of pretending. If your boyfriend wants you to be a domesticated woman and you do not have that kind of personality, you do not have to pretend. Be yourself. He might still accept you as you are. If not, you can consider moving on.

  4. You get too clingy.

    The stereotypical man does not enjoy a clingy woman. Especially at the start, try not to become that clingy girlfriend who is constantly texting and calling her boyfriend to see where he is and what he’s doing. Don’t expect to be with him all the time, and you probably shouldn’t try to tag along on every boys’ night out.

    Besides, he might enjoy the thrill of the chase. If you don’t text him for a while, he might wonder what’s up and text you. Just because you are dating someone doesn’t mean that you need to be with him 24/7.

Don’t ruin a potentially successful relationship by making these common mistakes.

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