Dating today is very different from dating back in the 1950s. Back in the 50s women would wait for men to call and follow their lead. There was no question that the man would pay for all dates. Those things don’t need to happen in the dating world today. Things have changed a lot and mostly for the better.

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Here are 4 dating tips for modern women:

  1. Offer to pay for the date.

    Some men will appreciate it when a woman offers to pay for a date or go Dutch. Your date might not always take you up on the offer, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the offer. Your date will know that you are not always expecting him to foot the bill. You can also insist on paying if you were the one who invited him out on a date.

    The rule that men pay for all dates is decades outdated. You don’t have to offer every single time, but now and then you can make a point of offering and really mean it. Also, you might find that sometimes you’ll need to be firm that it’s your turn to pay.

  2. Don’t become too dependent or co-dependent.

    Modern women should watch that they don’t slip back into old-fashioned ways when it comes to dating or marriage. Modern couples do not need to be co-dependent. You don’t need to do everything together and be side by side 24/7.

    If you are dating a man who is dependent on you, this probably isn’t the relationship that you want to be in. Dating a co-dependent man can feel a lot like babysitting. Some men never seem to know what to do with themselves and rely on their partner to guide them.

    Also, remember to hold on to your independence when dating. You don’t have to bail out of all girls’ nights out and quit seeing your best friend just because you have a new man in your life.

  3. Don’t sit by the phone.

    Most of us carry our phones with us everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you need to be available to respond right away. If you miss his call, you can call him back.

    However, when you call him back, try not to make such a big deal about how busy you were when you missed his call. You can simply tell him you’re sorry you missed his call. If he asks what you were busy doing, don’t ramble and dwell so much on it. A woman who is too difficult to get hold of can be far more interesting in the eyes of the man she’s dating.

  4. You can date younger men.

    Men have always been able to date younger women without anyone batting an eyelash, but now it is less of a big deal when women can date younger men too.

    Age doesn’t have to matter when it comes to dating. Not all young men are immature and not all older women are into knitting. Someone who is 50 might feel more alive and energetic than their age would suggest, so why shouldn’t she date someone younger? You don’t have to feel embarrassed about dating a younger man if you choose to do so. Age should not be the thing that stops you from dating someone you like.

Dating might seem a little more complicated than it was 60 years ago, but the main thing to remember is to be yourself. Don’t turn into someone you are not for the sake of dating or a man. Also, dating is known to work out best when you play by your own rules. We don’t have to play by rules that someone else lays out for us.

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