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If you’re interested in advancing your career or simply in being respected by your colleagues, it might be important that you dress professionally sometimes, if not at all times.

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Unfortunately, business attire can be quite costly. If you just recently landed your first gig or you’re trying to cut back on your personal expenses, there are a number of ways that you can dress professionally even while sticking to a budget.¬†

  • Shop the thrift stores.

    Did you know that many people donate business clothing, including suits, when they move? Don’t be embarrassed to check your local thrift shops to score some great deals on suits, skirts, and blazers that will make you look your best while at the office. You may even find some clothing that still has the original store tags.

  • Get on craigslist.

    Have you checked your city’s craigslist lately? Make sure that you regularly browse the clothing section. You may be able to get some new or gently used clothing for a fraction of the original cost. This is a great way to save money while supporting your local community.

  • Shop at Kohl’s.

    Kohl’s is one store where you can save a bundle and still end up with great clothing. Utilize email coupons, printed promotions, or simply shop the clearance rack to knock up to 30% off your total. If you sign up for a Kohl’s credit card, you can save any more when you frequent this store.

  • Borrow from a lending closet.

    Many large cities have a lending closet. This is perfect if you’re trying to find a job and need something to wear to an interview. You can borrow the clothing that you need, pay for it to be dry cleaned, then return the attire to the lending closet when you’re finished.

  • Spruce up old clothes.

    If you’re creative, consider busting out your sewing machine and upgrading your loved and worn business attire. Something as simple as hemming a skirt or changing the buttons on a blouse can make a piece of clothing look as unique and fantastic as a brand new article.

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