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Having a good group of friends can make life a lot more enjoyable, entertaining, and interesting. Also, at some point, you may be put into a situation which requires you to make new friends and enter a new social scene. The only problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to make friends. Even the most social people can have difficulties making friends.

Meeting new friends

Making friends can be an intimidating experience because no one wants to face social rejection. It can be scary to try to jump into a new social circle, but it doesn’t have to be.

The following are useful tips, so that you can confidently make new friends and successfully enter a new social circle.

  1. Try not to decline invitations in the beginning.

    When you meet a new group of people, if you want to be part of their social circle, you can try to be socially flexible in the beginning of the friendship. If the new social group invites you to do something, take them up on their offer. If you’re busy, let them know, but still try to attend as many functions as you can.

    If you turn down too many invitations in the beginning, they might stop inviting you. After they know you better and you are already part of their group, it might be more acceptable if you cannot make it to every social function.

  2. Don’t try too hard.

    Making good friends is a process that takes time. You can try to maintain a relaxed attitude when you are hanging out with your new social circle. There is no need to rush the natural process of making friends. It takes time to get to know someone, and your new friends might still be getting to know you before they fully accept you into their group.

    Also, if the new group doesn’t immediately invite you to all of their social functions, try not to stress out about it. If you maintain a positive and laid-back outlook on making friends, over time you hopefully will notice that your new group of friends has been inviting you to more social gatherings.

  3. Continue to make a good impression.

    When you are trying to make new friends, it is important to make a good impression. Initial impressions will set the precedent for the relationship you build with your new social circle.

    Also, try to continue making a good impression every time you meet up with people from the new group. Your new friends might be evaluating how well you fit in with them. It may be helpful to think of each get-together as an informal social interview.

Focus on building connections with the new people, while at the same time showing them who you are as a person. Although joining a new social group can be intimidating, try not spend too much time worrying about social rejection.

If you don’t try to make new friends, you might miss out on some potentially amazing friendships. Before you try to enter a new social group, it is essential that you know how to increase your chances of making friends.

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