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One of the biggest decisions that couples have to make when they are expecting a baby is choosing a name for their child. Parents want the name of their child to be something that feels close to them or that means something to them, and at the same time they want it to be able to mirror how they want their child to grow up.

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Choosing a name seems easy to do, and for some people, the perfect name comes immediately. However, there are also those for whom this requires a lot of thought and research. If this happens to be your problem right now, here are some tips for finding the perfect name.

  • Meaning of the name. The original form of a name usually has a meaning. “Hannah”, for example, comes from Hebrew “Channah” which means “favour” or “grace”, and “Elmer” comes from “Adelmar” which is a blend of Old English words for “noble” and “famous”. You can pick a name that refers to something you like, something that you identify with, or a quality or symbol of something important to you. Look it up in Behind the Name, which has a large database of names and their origins and meanings.
  • Your heritage or religion. If you are a patriotic American, you might want name your child “Abraham” after Abraham Lincoln or “George” after George Washington. A Roman Catholic might want to choose the name of their favorite Biblical character, such as “Mary” or “John”. You may also use the local version of the name, like “Juan” instead of “John” if you are Filipino or Mexican.
  • Other influential persons. The name of your child can also be based on the name of a person who has been influential to you. A scientist might want to name their child “Marie” after Marie Curie, while a musician could name their child “Bob” after Bob Marley. It can also be someone close to you, such as an uncle who inspired you, a sister whom you adore, or a friend who has always been by your side.

A child will be stuck with his name for the rest of his life, which makes this a very big deal. There are also some who believe that a child’s name plays a role in the development of the his personality. Also, check out the list by BabyCenter of things to watch out for when you pick a name for your baby.

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