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What indispensable necessity for a high-quality of life do you easily deprive yourself of?

Sleeping comfortably

If you answered sleep, you got it right.

Getting enough quality sleep allows you to be more energetic, creative, alert, composed and sensible in an entire day. It is during your slumber that repair and maintenance occur within your body, bracing you for the daily tasks that await your attention.

If your energy level is often low, you are easily irritated, you experience recurring colds and infections and you feel you are not as productive as before, you might be in want of the sleep your body requires. Here are some probable causes of your sleep deprivation:

  1. Electronic gadgets such as TV, computer, iPad, cellphone and other devices that use backlights

    Gone were the times when people entertain themselves after a day’s work by talking with each other over candle light, listening to the radio or sitting outside to feel the cool evening breeze blow in their faces. This era marked the birth of high technology that did not only make life easier for humans, but also entertained and amused them during their leisure time. Too bad, such time off usually occurs in the evening.

    Our body normally secretes a high amount of light-regulated hormone called melatonin at night, when there is less light. This causes us to become drowsy. The level of melatonin lowers in the morning to make us more alert and attentive to our surroundings.

    The artificial lights from our favourite devices can fool our bodies into decreasing its release of melatonin at night, thus causing us to remain awake and unable to sleep when we should.

    This is why, as much as possible, use only audio materials to entertain yourself in the evening. Find other ways to catch up on your much-loved late night shows instead of watching them before sleeping.

  2. Too much food and fluids in the evening

    When your stomach works double time, your body tends to send off signals that keep you from sleeping. Having a heavy dinner, especially an oily and fatty one, can cause your digestive organs to do just that.

    You should avoid foods that can induce stomach pain or heartburn at dinner. If possible, set your dinner three hours or more before your scheduled time to sleep.

    Refrain from drinking a lot of fluids after in the evening, as well. Coffee, tea and alcohol are not to be drunk before going to bed. They can wake you up in the middle of the night, disrupting you from a good night’s rest.

  3. No exercise

    This does not mean that you have to enroll in a gym ASAP. However, you need to get the advised weekly 30-minutes of daily moderate exercise for five days. This can be spread out in 10-minute sessions and may include doing household chores such as cleaning the yard and walking the dog.

  4. Bringing your anxiety to bed

    You might be one of the people who replay the day over and over in their heads or think of how to finish their pending tasks while waiting for sleep to come. More likely, sleep won’t.

    It would be better if you decide to postpone such thoughts, choose to relax and enjoy thinking about the good things that you already have or things that you are looking forward to.

  5. Postponing seeing a sleep doctor

    You might already have this gut-feel that your lack of sleep is not getting any better but you are still procrastinating seeing an expert on the matter. Think twice before deciding not to do anything as this passiveness might cost you more in the long run.

There are other causes of sleep deprivation, like, having a newborn to care for. Although the factors above are not exhaustive, these are the common reasons why most people lack enough quality sleep. Making specific lifestyle changes will help you sleep appropriately, feel refreshed upon waking up and have plenty of energy until it is your snooze time once more.


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