Pile Of Clothes

In today’s economy, it’s important to pinch your pennies and get as much use out of your items as possible. Where clothing is concerned, this is especially true, as items go in and out of fashion with the turn of the seasons.

Pile of old clothes

Creatively reusing and recycling the ostracized pieces in your closet can provide you with new styles and new uses for old items without spending a dime.

Refashion Tired Clothing

If you’re a fashionista on a budget and possess basic sewing skills, you can transform your wardrobe by updating the pieces you already have. Make too-tight shirts fit just right by adding a band of lace to either side of the shirt; adding lace can make even a simple t-shirt look fashionable. Refashion a long, saggy dress into a wearable and flirty day dress by hiking up the hem and adding a waistband or a belt. Transform tired jeans into on-trend fashion statements by bleaching the fabric and dyeing it in a pastel shade.

Repurpose Items Around Your Home

If you don’t want to refashion clothing that is riddled with stains and holes, you can still repurpose them around your home by reusing the fabric. Cut the fabric from old t-shirts and use them to create free cleaning rags. If you have a Swiffer, consider sewing your own reusable Swiffer covers to dust and mop your floors. An especially creative idea that makes a great holiday gift is to sew draft stoppers and door snakes from pant legs. Skilled seamstresses can make stuffed children’s toys from old clothing or turn a skirt into a throw pillow.

When you feel as if an item is never going to be worn again, think again. Almost any item in your closet, even the torn and tattered, can be transformed into wearable or usable items with just a few snips and stitches.

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