People get into hobbies for different reasons. If you live with the extended family, you might take the excuse of going fishing for some quiet time alone. Someone strapped for cash might go for the occasional online poker. A boring desk job could send you off to watch the football games, and a technical job might give you the craving to do creative writing on the side.

Whatever your reason for getting into a hobby, it is important make sure you are still in control of how it affects your life.

Has your hobby turned into an addiction?

Especially if a hobby was developed as compensation for unmet needs or as an escape from other occurrences, you might eventually find yourself drowning in your hobbies.

Has someone dear to you ever asked you to spend less time and money on your hobby? If your answer to that is a yes, chances are that your hobby has already turned into a habit. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, let us say it this way: Your hobby might have already turned into an addiction.

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to gauge if your hobby has turned into something else and has started destroying you.

How much money goes into your hobby?

A lot of hobbies include a budget. How much money do you spend on yours? Is there enough left for your basic needs and for your financial dependents? Are you currently in debt?

We sometimes enjoy our hobbies too much to notice how much money goes out of our pockets. Sometimes, we also think of expenses as investments. An investment is a deposit for a bigger goal — what are yours investments for? Are the expenses worth what you get from your hobby?

Are your other relationships compromised?

Hobbies also consume a lot of time, The simple fact that we voluntarily spend time on our hobbies means that we probably enjoy spending time on them, and it is so easy to go overboard on this.

Is your hobby a solitary one? Do they include your partner or other loved ones, or do they cause you to neglect them? Have you built new relationships with your hobbies? Are the new relationships ones that you would like to keep?

Does it still make you feel fulfilled?

Once a hobby has turned into an addiction, it is rarely the case that you still get formative experiences from them. So, step back a bit and ask yourself: Do you still get as much satisfaction from your hobby as you did when you first started?

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