Do you need a one-minute voice over for your cartoon animation? A well-written press release for your business? Or maybe something as random as a video of a guy dressed like Borat to sing your roomie a happy tune on her birthday?

Fiverr® ( is an online service marketplace that was launched a couple of years ago. The website has grown a lot since then, having already accumulated a total of close to 2 million offerings to date.

What sets Fiverr® apart from most other service marketplaces online — yes, a lot of similar marketplaces have emerged — is that the website encourages a fixed fee of 5 USD (a “Fiverr”®) for the service offerings (what they call “Gigs”®). Note, however, that the seller of a service still has the option to set up priced add-ons for the package, increasing the fee for added value to the service.

This pricing aspect, it turns out, eliminates a lot of dilemmas for both the buyer and the seller of the service. I think in the end it works out well for both sides: there is little risk involved for the casual buyers, while the sellers are able to adjust the base package to be what’s worth their while.

Especially interesting too is that the website is able to create an ambiance that caters to a very wide range of services, from writing and online marketing work, to beatbox and country song recordings, to logo design and animations, and completely random tasks such as prank calls and staged relationships on Facebook.

For a lot of the offerings on the website, 5 USD is really a good bargain. Imagine a new limerick written, composed, and recorded for you for just 5 USD!

If you haven’t yet, the website is worth a look! I have already hired the services of a few folks for things I need to get done, and bookmarked a few others that are potential gifts for friends.

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