Assorted types of root vegetables

Do you have trouble mixing and matching perishable ingredients into delicious dishes before they spoil and have to go to the trash? Have you ever hated yourself for buying too much of an ingredient and then having to throw out a medium-sized carrot, an onion, and a bunch of lettuce at the end of the week?

Bunch of assorted vegetables

Fortunately, there are a few websites that can help us empty our vegetable compartments and kitchen cabinets before we are able to master cooking enough to get creative in the kitchen.

The following tools help us find recipes for ingredients. I have yet to get better acquainted with these and find out which one I fancy the most.

  1. Super Cook. This is a search engine that collates ingredients for recipes in various websites and then links back to the original website after the search. It seems to have internal support for bookmarking of recipes. It also provides shopping list suggestions, and is able to consider restrictions for certain ingredients.
  2. My Fridge Food. This is a more health-oriented website. It lists nutritional information along with the search results. It also has search filters for diet types, such as “diabetic”, “low carb”, and “vegetarian”. The list of missing ingredients in the search results is especially convenient.
  3. Recipe Matcher. Like My Fridge Food, Recipe Matcher also lists missing ingredients in the search results. However, while focuses on aspects of health, this one gives importance to the time it will take to complete the dish, listing both preparation time and cooking time for each recipe in the search results.

Excess ingredients should not be left to spoil. Match them up using these convenient tools and leave as little to waste as possible.

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