Is Your Hobby Destroying You?

People get into hobbies for different reasons. If you live with the extended family, you might take the excuse of going fishing for some quiet time alone. Someone strapped for cash might go for the occasional online poker. A boring desk job could send you off to watch the football games, and a technical job might give you the craving to do creative writing […]

3 Common Work at Home Struggles and Their Easy Fixes

Working in bed

Working from home has its advantages. Take working in yoga pants and being able to stay home with your kids, for example. However, as with any career, those that choose to work from home also experience downfalls that are specific to telecommuting workers. Below, we’ll discuss three common work at home downfalls and the simple ways to fix them. Working at Home is Lonely […]

Awesome Gigs® on

Do you need a one-minute voice over for your cartoon animation? A well-written press release for your business? Or maybe something as random as a video of a guy dressed like Borat to sing your roomie a happy tune on her birthday? Fiverr® ( is an online service marketplace that was launched a couple of years ago. The website has grown a lot since […]

Finding Recipes for Ingredients

Assorted types of root vegetables

Do you have trouble mixing and matching perishable ingredients into delicious dishes before they spoil and have to go to the trash? Have you ever hated yourself for buying too much of an ingredient and then having to throw out a medium-sized carrot, an onion, and a bunch of lettuce at the end of the week? Fortunately, there are a few websites that can […]

What To Do With An Overheating Laptop

Overheating laptop

If your laptop is more than two years old, chances are that the keyboard surface often gets unbearably hot that you’ve already caught yourself sliding your hands away just to cool them down before they go a-tapping again. Setting your computer on your lap is also no longer an option. This does not necessarily mean that it’s time to drain your wallet and get […]